Iceland Demonstrates How Earth Made Us

Iain Stewart, host of BBC's How Earth Made Us, gliding over Iceland.

Iceland features prominently in the BBC Two documentary series How Earth Made Us, hosted by geologist Iain Stewart. The five-part series deal with how geology, geography and climate have influenced mankind. The second episode, Water, visits Iceland, the Middle East and India and shows how control over water has been central to human existence. The Iceland shoot took place last summer, with production services provided by Filmus Productions.

Footage includes Mr. Stewart taking a precarious flight in a motorised paraglider over the South-Iceland coastline and landmark waterfall Skógarfoss. Also featured are scenes from the famous Glacier Lagoon.

According to BBC sources the programme has been a ratings hit with initial audience at 3.4 million, making it the most popular science programme in the UK in 4 years.

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Ásgrímur Sverrisson is a filmmaker, film commentator and the editor of Iceland Cinema Now.

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